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How eating potatoes can help you lose weight

8/24 10:13:48

Appetite-slaying spuds

Potatoes are often made out to be the 'baddie' of the vegetable bunch by some weight watcher diets. But they shouldn't be.

These spuds have incredible hunger-busting superpowers. They delay the onset of hunger pangs because they take a while to break down and stay in your intestine longer.

Eating potatoes doesn't mean loading your plate with oily fries. Or filling your plate with mountains of creamy potato salad.

A medium sized potato is only about 100 calories and is a great way to get in a good part of your daily carbs.

Try having a chilled cooked potato with your supper. This method increases the appetite-slaying abilities of the potato. Better yet, have one stuffed with tuna, beans or salad – this makes for a healthy, delicious, and filling lunch!

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