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Stay away from this cheesy comfort food

8/24 10:13:14

Evil cheesy fries

Melted cheese on just about anything is comfort food at its best. But when it's on fries, it's simply sinful.

And not in a good way. French fries with melted cheese on top can pack up to 2 000 calories in one sitting. That's 134 g of fat and 2 800 mg of sodium. More than you should eat in an entire day!

That's excluding the bacon bits and other fatty toppings that usually go with it.

Replace your comfort food craving

When that cheesy fries craving hits, turn to a healthy alternative instead. You can try a crab cake with a little chilli sauce, for example. This contains only 300 calories, 20 g of fat, and 960 mg of sodium.

Or if you're set on having a potato and some form of cheese, prick one and pop it into the microwave. Serve it with a little low-fat cottage cheese or a matchbox sized portion of grated mozzarella on top.

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