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How Ellen DeGeneres keeps her slim figure

8/24 10:13:13

Eating for energy

Actress and comedian Ellen DeGeneres wasn't always slim and used to put on weight as a barrier to keep people away.

Today, she prefers to look at eating as a way of being good to herself.

Ellen follows a vegan diet and doesn't eat anything animal based, including dairy and processed foods. She eats mainly veggies, soups, rice, beans and legumes, which give her the energy she needs to be on her toes.

Moving for life

Besides healthy eating, she also fits in time to look after her body and keep her stress levels at bay.

During her stint as an American Idol judge, Ellen suffered from severe stress and turned to yoga expert, Yogi Cameron. She now follows a regular practice of both yoga and meditation to stay calm and focus on her mental and physical health.

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