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3 Ways to avoid weekend weight gain

8/24 10:12:59
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The weekend mountain

The weekend can seem like Mount Everest when it comes to keeping your weight loss plan on track – compared to during the week.

The trick to losing weight on the weekend is being clever about what you're doing and what you're eating. But you don't have to deprive yourself or put your social life on hold to have fun.

Keep your healthy eating and weight loss plan flowing into the weekend with these three tips...

1. Eat before you shop

Got some early Saturday morning shopping to do at the mall, or need to stock up with groceries for the week ahead? Eat something before you go. You'll be a lot less likely to grab all sorts of unhealthy munchies while you're out. Low-fat yoghurt, a few nuts, a piece of fruit, raw veggies, or some cheese and crackers are all good options.

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