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How to fight fat after 40

8/24 10:12:26

Your body's metabolism

It's true – fighting fat after 40 isn't as easy as it was in your 20s or 30s. But there are still plenty of ways to help keep off the flab.

Our metabolic rate – the ability to burn calories – drops and we lose muscle tone from the age of 20, says Pamela Peeke, MD.

Women lose muscle mass twice as fast as men and, according to Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, we should be eating 100 less daily calories from the age of 40.

Here are a few other ways to keep extra weight at bay...

4 Simple ways to fight flab

  1. Change your lifestyle and your eating habits. Be more conscious about what you're eating, and do some form of physical activity every day.

  2. Let go of stress. Stress plays a major role in weight gain. Practise deep breathing, take up yoga, start saying 'no' more often, or cut out toxic people from your life.

  3. Portion control your food. Save food for later if you're full, dish up away from the table, and use containers to portion food and snacks in the fridge.

  4. Exercise. Choose something you enjoy doing, and even if you break it up into 10-minute sessions, get in your exercise every day. It doesn't only blast calories, it helps reduce stress, and makes you feel great afterward!

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