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Ways to make daily exercise fun

8/24 10:11:41

Reap the long-term rewards

Do you think of exercise as a major schlep, something you dread, like doing your least favourite chore?

If you do - you're thinking about it the wrong way!

We know that exercise is crucial for health and weight loss, just like eating a healthy, balanced diet. But there's little chance of sticking it out and reaping the rewards when you're finding every excuse in the book not to do it.

So how do you make it fun?

Make it a family affair

Grab your partner, the kids - tots, teens, or four-legged fur kids - and make it part of your everyday life. Here are some ideas...

  • Have a dance competition while you're making supper.

  • Go for weekend hikes or walks to explore scenic areas where you live.

  • Make a family fun date once a month. You could go ice-skating or rent a couple of bikes, for example.

  • When it's rainy outdoors, team up and hold mini boot camp competitions. Get creative with non-food prizes!

There are plenty of ways to bring the fun into exercising and spend some bonding time with the ones you love at the same time. So go for it - shake off those cobwebs and kilos and have a blast!

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