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Control your weight for better health

8/24 10:11:22

A person becomes more susceptible to certain health conditions, when he or she is overweight or obese. These conditions include the following:

  1. Heart disease, heart attack, stroke

  2. Type 2 diabetes

  3. Stress incontinence

  4. Metabolic syndrome

  5. Gall stones

Additional conditions that affect women

Other conditions of which women are at an increased risk, if overweight, are:

  1. Endometrial cancer

  2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

  3. Obstetric problems, including miscarriage, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and needing a caesarean section

  4. Post menopausal breast cancer. Research has shown that 30 percent of these cancers are linked with weight gained after menopause.

How to control weight

Be sure to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet plan. Seek assistance from a physical trainer at your local gym and a dietician who can help you create a diet plan to suit your lifestyle.

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