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A daily habit to kick up your metabolism

8/24 10:10:55

Speed up weight loss

Are you feeling demotivated and sluggish? Boosting your metabolism is an excellent way to get more energy - and speed up weight loss.

The thing is, for healthy weight loss and long-term success, you have to make it a regular habit.

One way to do this is to get your body moving - specifically to build lean muscle.

Why build muscle?

Each pound of muscle uses around six calories a day to sustain itself, while every pound of fat burns only two calories. That's a big difference when you add it up over time!

4 Easy tips for building lean muscle

  • Get yourself a pair of light dumbbells (you can buy them at Mr. Price Sport or Game).

  • Do a few squats and lunges with them while you watch TV.

  • Challenge yourself to do five push-ups every morning.

  • Before going to bed, hold the plank position for 30 seconds.

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