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Why you shouldnt stock up on celery

8/24 10:10:51

The celery fad diet

Coffee, celery, and cigarettes. Supposedly that's what models lived on, back in the day, to stay so (unhealthily) skinny.

Celery is a healthy veggie or snack, but not when you rely on eating tons of it, or use it to replace other foods in an effort to slim down.

Why celery isn't a good diet strategy

Celery is cited as a negative-calorie food, because it's mainly water and fibre.

It doesn't contain those important nutrients our bodies need for energy. So you might drop a few dress sizes, but you won't be able to walk to your cupboard without huffing and puffing - let alone up a flight of stairs!

Bottom line: Our bodies need daily nutrients and carbohydrate fuel, in order to keep them functioning properly. So, enjoy celery as part of your healthy eating regime - in salads and soups, etc. But don't rely on eating tons of it in an effort to shed weight.

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