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Wave goodbye to the bakery

8/24 10:10:49

Beginning your shopping extravaganza at the bakery section of the supermarket (and many people do!) can have disastrous consequences on your weight, especially if you are trying to lose some.

Sweet and fatty temptations

Some of us are unable to resist the smell of freshly baked muffins and cakes or pies that have just come out of the oven. Even if we never intended to buy any food products from that section, the mouth watering smells entice us to pick up a little of this and maybe just a small tray of that.

Stop right there!

Big mistake! If you are strong enough, then put it back down, turn around and walk away. And don’t look back! Say goodbye to the bakery section and goodbye to gaining more unnecessary calories and putting on more weight.

Make a list

Rather make a list before leaving the house, and stick to it when at the supermarket. In this way, you will save yourself from calories that your body doesn’t need, and you will also save money that would have been wasted on foods of no nutritional value.

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