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Easy ways to turn meat dishes vegetarian

8/24 10:10:14

Meaty to meatless

Turning meat dishes into vegetarian options isn't as complicated or time consuming as you might think.

In fact, it's quite simple. Good news if you have both meat eaters and vegetarians under one roof!

Here are a few quick tips you can try to transform your once meaty dishes into meatless meals...

Quick tips for veggie dishes

  1. Replace ground beef with spinach for a tasty veggie lasagna.

  2. Stuff bell peppers with rice and veggies instead of mince.

  3. For a meaty texture, feature portobello mushrooms or eggplant as your main veggie.

  4. Make a chilli con carne using beans.

  5. Use tofu or soy in stir-fries.

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