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Adopt these eating habits to prevent weight gain

8/24 10:09:55

Here are two ideas how this can be done.

Make your own lunch

Preparing your own lunch prevents you from potentially buying an unhealthy one. Opt for a balanced and nutritious lunch, include a small variety of healthy foods and hydrate with water.

For example, make a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich using whole wheat bread. Include some salads like lettuce and tomato in your sandwich, to add colour and texture, and more importantly to increase the nutritional value of your meal.

Healthy snacks

During snack time, avoid reaching for chocolate bars or pastries. These foods are refined and are loaded with calories, which will help you to gain more weight. Rather consider having some low fat yoghurt, fresh fruit or a small portion of nuts instead.

We consume lunch and snacks daily, so try making them healthy ones and enjoy the benefits of being in a healthy weight range.

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