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Healthy snacks under 100 calories

8/24 10:08:48

Snacks are great to munch on between big meals. They're also good for increasing your energy levels and boosting your metabolism.

Snacking right

But if you're not careful, they can quickly add a ton of unnecessary calories.

If you're tired of snacking on Provitas and cheese, or apples and bananas, give a few of these healthy snack ideas a try...

9 Snacks under 100 calories

  1. A hard-boiled egg

  2. An orange

  3. A cup of strawberries

  4. A cup of blueberries

  5. ¼ Cup of dried cranberries

  6. Eight baby carrots and one teaspoon of dip

  7. Small latte with skim milk

  8. Two tablespoons of hummus

  9. One slice of raisin bread

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