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Avoid high fat sauces on meals

8/24 10:08:46

High fat sauces are generally loaded with butter and cream and this may cause havoc to your diet plan and calorie count if you are trying to shed a few or more kilograms. Ask yourself if you could enjoy your meal without having the sauce.

Answered no?

If you answered no, then you will need to come up with another option that may add taste and flavour to your meal.


If you are a pasta lover then you could try replacing the creamy high calorie sauce with a reduced fat, low calorie salad dressing. Not only will this add a little moisture to your meal, but you may be surprised at how a small change in flavour actually changes the meal itself – and you just may have a new favourite!

One step at a time

If making the above change is too big a step for you, then start smaller. For example, if you simply must have cheese sauce with your meal, then try using the less fattening cheeses instead of the full cream options. Cutting down on excess calories a little at a time, will not only make a big difference to your weight, but also to your health. So start now!

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