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Slim down with peppermint tea

8/24 10:08:27

Peppermint tea is naturally free from caffeine and can be drunk hot or cold. It has a refreshing aroma and a strong minty flavour.

Weight loss benefits

This is a great tea to take with you to work, or to enjoy at home in the evenings.

Here are three reasons why peppermint tea is so good for slimming:

  1. It can help you de-stress by soothing tension in your muscles.

  2. If you suffer from lack of sleep, it can help you relax before bedtime.

  3. It can speed up digestion and help control cravings.

Try it

Woolworths has a fantastic “Wake-me-up” peppermint tea for under R20. For a quick pick-me up, try drinking a cup after lunch.

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