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Stressed? Try this instead of food temptations

8/24 10:08:16

Comfort food alternatives

When we're stressed, comfort food is usually one of the first things we reach for to try and make ourselves feel better.

But there's a better way – something that won't pile on those extra kilos, and which will leave us feeling on top form.

Melt away stress

One of the easiest ways to forget that you're stressed, is to distract your brain.

Think about something you enjoy doing that makes you feel good and choose this as your food temptation alternative.

For example, you could...

  • Read a chapter of a book

  • Give yourself a quick massage

  • Do a full or mini workout

  • Play with the cat

  • Take your dog for a walk

  • Bake something

  • Put on some music and dance

  • Meditate

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