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Are you eating supper too early?

8/24 10:07:54

Early suppers

We're often told that eating supper too late can lead to extra weight gain, but what happens when we eat too early?

It really all depends on one thing...

What time you go to bed

For example, if you go to bed at 11pm, but eat just after 6pm, chances are you're going to be ravenous and have the munchies before bedtime.

Dietitian Manuel Villacorta recommends eating 70% of your calories before supper and 30% at supper.

Healthy eating throughout the evening will also help prevent you from digging into those late-night unhealthy temptations.

Change suppertime

If you go to bed late, try changing your suppertime to a little later in the evening so that you aren't hungry (but not stuffed either) before going to bed.

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