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Burn calories doing one legged jumps and monster walks

8/24 10:07:35

Performing one-legged jumps and monster walks may help you to achieve your weight loss goals quicker.

Here’s how to do one-legged jumps

Choose either your right or left leg to start with, and stand on this leg. Now drop into a half squat position. Remember not to go completely down. Jump diagonally in the opposite direction. For example, if you are standing on your right leg, then jump diagonally to your left. Land in a half squat position, on the other leg.

Then, repeat, jumping in the opposite direction. Try doing 10 repetitions on each leg, and three to five sets.

Here’s how to do a monster walk

You will need a resistance band to perform this exercise.

Place the resistance band around your ankles. Step forward and out to the left with your left leg. Now bring your right leg to meet your left before stepping out diagonally to your right.

Try repeating this until you have completed 10 steps before walking backwards in the same way. Aim to perform three sets of this exercise.

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