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How to stop expecting instant results

8/24 10:06:59

When things feel too slow

Do you feel like you're getting nowhere slowly with your diet or weight loss plan? Do you expect instant results after just a few weeks?

Our society dictates instant gratification with things like Facebook or Instagram.

We need to look good NOW, otherwise we're doing it wrong. The truth is, weight loss isn't an overnight thing. It takes time, and for many dieters it's a slow and frustrating process.

Keeping up the motivation

The trick to getting the best results is to lose weight slowly. For this, a positive attitude and everyday motivation is going to be key.

Remember, when you lose weight quickly, you're often only losing water or lean tissue – not fat. And when that happens, your metabolism slows down. This makes it even harder to lose weight.

So go slow, enjoy the process of how your body is transforming, and how much more energised and happy you feel every day. Little by little you'll start to notice the long-term benefits and transformation to a slimmer, healthier you!

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