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Does bread really contain sugar?

8/24 10:06:41

The reality of sugar in bread

There's a reason why so many health professionals suggest we cut down on the amount of bread we eat. Or cut it out completely.

That reason? Sugar.

Did you know that two slices of whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar by more than two tablespoons of sugar?

That's more than half the amount of sugar women are supposed to have each day in just two slices of bread. (We're supposed to have a maximum of only six teaspoons of sugar a day!)

Why bread contains sugar

According to manufacturers, sugar is needed to help mask the bitter taste of wholemeal flour.

This is similar to what happens in many low-fat products. When fat is removed, sugar is added to increase the flavour of the food product.

Healthy bread alternatives

Cutting out bread – or limiting the amount you eat – isn't as hard as you might think, and your body will thank you for it.

Click on the recommended link below for a few easy and tasty bread alternatives that you could try for lunch instead:

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