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Cereals can make you gain weight

8/24 10:06:32

Some cereals are healthy as they contain carbohydrates and fibre from whole grains - good for weight loss and the optimum functioning of our body - and no added fat or oil. But unfortunately there may be other ingredients added to cereals that are not good for weight loss.

Artificial flavouring and additives

Avoid purchasing and consuming cereals that contain artificial flavourings, colourants and chemical additives. Opt to add your own natural flavourings instead, such as your favourite fresh fruits. For example you could add chopped pieces of apple or banana or even whole berries to oat or barley flakes.

Read food labels

In addition, you should also read the food label on the cereal boxes to check what is added to the product and in particular how much fat, oil, sugar and other sweeteners are added as this will affect your calorie intake as well as your weight.

Make your own breakfast!

It's easy to make your own muesli by mixing together a combination of rolled grains (oats, barley, wheat, rye, quinoa, rice, etc) dried and fresh fruit, untoasted nuts and seeds, instead of consuming the sugar coated, fat laden commercial versions. Low fat or fat-free yoghurt or milk (or soya/rice milk alternatives) can be used instead of the full cream dairy options.

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