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Dietitians’ 6 slimming braai secrets

8/24 10:06:20
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Secrets for a slimming, health braai

Dietitians Brigitte Leclercq, Monique dos Santos and Karlien Duvenage, of the Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA), share their top tips for a slimming, healthy braai.

1. Get your greens in

“A braai is a great excuse to get your greens in. Be creative when doing this, such as making interesting salads. Examples include a plum, avocado and rockets salad with lemon poppy dressing, or grilled pear and walnut salad,” says Monique dos Santos.

“Grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs are an easy way to get your vegetable intake, without anyone noticing.”

2. Try a fish braai

Dos Santos recommends that, instead of only braaing red meat (which may become boring after a while), try something like stuffed fish (stuff with nectarines for something different). “Always make sure you are making a sustainable choice such as choosing fish from the green SASSI-approved list.”

3. Have a snack before a braai

Brigitte Leclercq recommends tucking into a healthy snack before going to a braai. “This will prevent you from being overly hungry when you arrive and less tempted to over-eat on snacks.”

“If you are hosting the braai, be sure to start your fire early enough to eat at a reasonable hour. The later the lunch, the longer you may sit mindlessly nibbling away on unhealthy snacks.”

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