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Burn calories while washing your car

8/24 10:06:16

Try washing your car!

Firstly, gather all the things you will need such as the hosepipe, bucket, car polish and detergents and well as cloths.

Enjoy washing your car. You will find that you will be stretching, bending and actively moving around your vehicle whilst cleaning it. These activities will help you to burn calories.

For added benefit

For added benefit you could perhaps clean the inside of your car as well. The dusting, polishing and vacuuming will increase the amount of energy you require and thus enable you to burn more calories. It would be wise to clean the inside of your vehicle first before starting on the outside!

Play music

Try playing some of your favourite tunes at the same time. Remember that any dance moves that you perform will increase the level of activity and energy expended. This is also great for weight loss.

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