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Healthy fast food choices for supper

8/24 10:06:12
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Smarter fast food options

Let's be honest, sometimes there's really nothing better after a long week, than having fast food on a Friday night.

That doesn't mean stuffing our faces with oily slap chips and the likes, or derailing an entire week of healthy eating.

Better choices with fewer calories

Before heading out, do a little research (some places have calorie information available online) to find the healthiest fast food options. Here are two examples...

  1. If your family is craving eight-piece bucket of fried chicken, rather go for three Subway 6-inch oven roasted chicken subs instead. One fried chicken breast is 510 calories (don't forget there are thighs and drumsticks too!), while the chicken sub is only 320 calories.

  2. If you're craving Burger King's half-pound whopper, be prepared to pack on a whopping 670 calories! Instead, go for their veggie burger, which contains 410 calories.

Read on for fast food ideas that you can make from home...

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