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Tips to curb your appetite over lunch

8/24 10:05:44

Stop the lunchtime frenzy

Do you find yourself starting the day with good intentions over breakfast, but you're famished by lunch and can't resist indulging a little more than you should?

Especially if it's been one of those mornings.

Too busy to eat

When we're stressed and running around at work, it's easy to forget to eat during the gap between breakfast and lunch.

That's usually why most of us lose concentration, become sleepy, unproductive and lack energy for the rest of the afternoon. (Even more so if we don't take a proper lunch break).

How to curb your lunchtime appetite

  1. Make snacking a habit. There's no two ways around this. If you're trying to eat healthier or watching your weight, you need to get into the habit of eating a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon at work.

  2. Pack what you enjoy. Don't eat provitas if you can't stand the taste of them. Pack healthy snacks the night before that will make you look forward to eating them the next day. Like little tubs of plain yoghurt with diced fruit and a few almonds, for example. Or an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

This way, you'll be less likely to indulge in something unhealthy over lunch.

And, if you really want to resist buying that toasted sarmie with side chips for lunch, pack a low-fat lunch the night before while you're prepping your snacks.

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