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Keep confectionary far away and limit weight gain

8/24 10:05:32

When at work try keeping your sweet jar in a not-so-near area. Ideally place it in the corner of the room that is furthest away from you so that you will have to make an effort to jump off your chair and make your way to it.

If possible, place it in the staff kitchen but be warned that it may allow easy access to your work colleagues and you may find that it is empty by the time you get there! Of course, since you are trying to shed some kilograms, this may not be such a bad idea after all!

You could also use a jar that has a lid which is very difficult to open. In this way, you may burn a couple of calories before gaining some which may make you think twice before taking another sweet or other snack.

Alternatively ask a friend to keep it for you, if you find that you cannot resist the temptation to enjoy one after the other…and another. She will help you control how much you are actually eating and this may improve your snacking habits too as she can encourage you to munch on something healthier instead!

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