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5 Slimming thigh exercise moves from Natalie Jill

8/24 10:04:55

Leaner-looking legs

Running and walking are great exercises for sculpting leaner-looking thighs, but there are also plenty of excellent home workouts for this.

In under eight minutes, fitness personality, Natalie Jill, demonstrates a few simple moves that will help you get toned and sexy thighs...

Five moves for slimmer legs

No equipment is needed for any of these moves – only your own body weight. Here's a quick breakdown of the five leg moves:

  1. Sumo squats with pulsing

  2. Reverse and side lunges

  3. Side pulses, focusing on the outer thigh

  4. Standing, modified donkey kicks

  5. Pulsing low pliés

Ready to slim those things?

Watch Natalie demonstrate how to do each move and then incorporate these into your home workouts!

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