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Eat the foods you love and still lose weight!

8/24 10:04:34

The most POWERFUL weight loss System!

Eat the foods you love & still lose weight:

  • Lose up to 12Kg per month

  • Suppress your appetite

  • Banish sweet cravings naturally

  • Detoxify

  • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol

  • Excellent for diabetes and arthritis

Launched in 1999, Fat Buster is still the most powerful and trusted weight loss brand

Most weight loss brands will say “take just one pill a day” and promise magical results only to discover the fine print that says “only effective when used in conjunction with a kilojoule-controlled diet.”

Fat Buster does not come with a diet

Eat the foods that you love and simply take one capsule half an hour before your meal. Fat Buster will trap the fat from the food that you eat, and turn it into an indigestible gel. It leaves your body undigested.

Because your body still needs fats to function, your body is then forced to use up the stored body fat.

Fat Buster comes with detox tablets which is a bonus as it is more difficult to lose weight when the body is toxic.

Our track record speaks for itself

Our website is full with testimonials derived from real life satisfied customers, Fat Buster can and will achieve the same the results for you!

Here is a testimonial from a satisfied customer:

“My name is Anand Chetty and I have tried your product Fat Buster and detox and I am really amazed by the results. I suffered with the constipation for a number of years and detox tablets helped me to sort out this problem. I also suffered with postnasal drip because of my sinus problem and I was relieved when this was cleared. I do not feel bloated anymore; my body feels very light and full of energy. After taking a full month of Fat Buster, I have noticed my weight dropping. I will really recommend this product to anyone.”

Start stripping off the extra kilos today!

Fat Buster affords ordinary people to take control of their lives again. We help those in need strip away unwanted weight, maximise energy levels and even detox.

With Fat Buster a small investment goes a long way. The best part of the journey is none of your body fat is with you when you’re done!


Order a two month supply and get the third at half price!

Tel.: 082 535 1347/ 061 432 9815


email: fatbuster@telkomsa.net

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