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Burn calories on a night out

8/24 10:04:15

If you do, then the choices are endless.

Play a game of darts Try spending an hour or two playing a game of darts with friends or even family. Not only is this fun but you will burn some calories in the process too!

Want to burn even more calories? Challenge your friends to a friendly game of tennis. You are bound to melt off tons of calories as this is a very active sport that involves movement of your whole body.

Dance! Spend some time playing your favourite tunes and have a dance competition. You may even find yourself laughing a lot (which also burns calories!), especially if you discover some ‘funny’ moves that your friends may be performing or that you haven’t seen before!

Watch the drinks Remember to stay aware of what you are consuming, especially drinking, when you are out with friends. Most drinks are loaded with calories, and if you consume more than one, it could add centimetres to your waistline in the long term!

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