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Burn 100 calories from climbing the stairs

8/24 10:03:23

Forget the elevator – take the stairs

You've heard it all before: to burn extra calories during the day, you should take the stairs – not the elevator.

But just how many calories can you really burn on those up and down trips?

It's excellent for your health

First, let's talk about why forgoing those elevator rides is such a good idea...

Climbing the stairs isn't just an effective way to help you lose weight and tone up, it's also incredible for strengthening your bones and muscles.

What's more, taking the stairs every day can easily form part of your daily workout. Great news for those of us who are pressed for time!

How to burn 100 calories climbing the stairs

A person weighing an average of 80 kilograms can burn about 21 calories when they take a two-minute stair climb.

Do a couple of these up and down trips during the day and you can easily burn more than 100 calories.

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