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Prevent weight gain by avoiding snacks

8/24 10:03:22

So what can you do to avoid gaining weight whilst at the movies or anywhere else? The solution is simple.

Enjoy a healthy meal

Simply eat a full meal before going out. In this way you can ensure that it is healthy and nutritious and that it will provide your body with sufficient energy to keep you feeling energized as well as satisfied for the following few hours. You may not even want to think of snacking so soon after eating.

Eat healthy snacks

Another alternative to avoid consuming unhealthy snacks, is to only purchase or carry healthy ones with you.  For example, carry or purchase nuts and raisins instead of high calorie chocolate bars.


If you feel that you must purchase something before going into a movie, then opt for an ice cold bottle of water.  We often think that we are hungry when in fact we may just be thirsty and/or dehydrated.

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