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This summer drink is equal to 3 slices of bread!

8/24 10:03:19

Are you drinking a sandwich?

You might think that the delicious, cool, thirst-quenching summer drink you’re sipping is better for you than a fizzy soda or a glass of fruit juice.

Iced tea sounds healthy, doesn’t it?

But beware – not all brands are as good for you as they appear to be. In fact, drinking just 500ml of some iced tea varieties is equivalent to eating three slices of white bread!

What to know about iced tea

Iced tea is usually loaded with kilojoules from sugar.  We think it’s healthy because of the water content and the fact that it’s a tea, but we forget how much sugar really goes in.

Some iced teas will provide you with around 50g of sugar and 200 calories per 470ml serving.

Instead of stocking up on regular ready-made iced tea this summer, go for a sugar-free iced tea instead. Or better yet, make your own healthy version.

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