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The BEST take-aways to choose if you want to lose weight

8/24 10:02:52
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Are there take-out meals you can eat without destroying your dieting progress?

Here's the best choice at 5 of SA's top take-out chains. Wherever possible, the meal of choice is in line with what the chain is best-known for. For example, you don't go to McDonald's to eat a chicken salad...

Take note: if the recommended meal is a burger, that DOES NOT include chips and a soda. These are pretty unnecessary anyway as there is very little nutritional value in these items (the restaurants use them to bulk the meals out and increase the price of the food).

Once again, balance is the name of the game. An occasional take-away for those really rushed and stressful days is not going to throw you off the diet train. Having a take-away every day for a month will.


1.     McDonalds

The Double Hamburger at McDonald's is a substantial meal (366 calories) without being too heavy on the sugars (5.6g), sodium (615mg) or saturated fats (10g). You get the classic McDonald's taste without a ton of calories. These numbers are 30% less than a Big Mac burger, for example.

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