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3 Simple ways to curb emotional eating

8/24 10:02:33

Dr Mehmet Oz, surgeon as well as host of the popular television show ‘The Dr Oz Show’ suggests the following three simple ways to assist you in curbing emotional eating, especially when you feel that you are about to binge on some kind of unhealthy food.

Drink black tea

Black tea will help to reduce your cortisol levels. This is important because cortisol is the stress hormone which is known to make us crave food by up to a whopping 47%! So the lower you keep this level, the less you will crave food.

Breathe slowly

Close your eyes, take slow, deep breaths and relax. Try taking in about 10 deep breaths. This will make your body think that you are preparing to sleep and will make you feel more relaxed and calm. You may be less likely to turn to food when you are ready to sleep.

Give yourself a massage

Yes, give yourself a foot massage! This will assist in slowing down your heart rate as well as lowering cortisol levels. And what better way to treat your feet after a hard day's work!

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