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Low calorie potato chips

8/24 10:01:09
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If you do, then here are some suggestions that may help you to keep the weight down.

Make your own!

Instead of buying potato chips from a restaurant or takeaway place, try making your own. After peeling and cutting the potatoes, wash thoroughly then drizzle with some oil, sprinkle with your favourite seasoning and place in the oven. Forget about deep frying them as the potatoes will absorb most of the oil and this will increase your calorie intake!

Portion size

Try to reduce your portion size – not just of the potato chips, but of the accompanying condiment or sauce that you usually have with it, as well. Buy a smaller plate if you find that this may help you and use an extra small bowl/ saucer/ container for the sauce.

Make it a treat

Try not to consume potato chips every day. Instead, make it a treat that you can have every now and then. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how much more you may enjoy it! And even more surprised when you find that you are not gaining as much weight as you did before!

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