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Sick of strict diets that don’t work? Five steps to successful weight loss

8/24 10:01:08
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You lose some weight. The first week or three the weight lost is substantial. 1kg - 2kg per week is not uncommon if you were overweight or eating poorly before the diet.

But then it begins... the weight loss slows down week by week until eventually (if you are committed enough to have stuck to the diet this long) you are dieting to STAY THE SAME WEIGHT. Now no matter how little you eat your body just remains the same week after gruelling week. Usually this is followed by an 'I give up, let's eat chocolate cake' attitude, and quite quickly we're back to square one.

Bad for you, VERY good for the person who just wrote the latest diet book. You'll try that diet next. The last one didn't work.

But why didn't it work?

Here are five reasons your diet didn’t work:

1. Restrictive diets tell your brain to make you fatter

Diets that limit the amount or type of food you can eat (eg. only eat 1000kcal per day and NO CARBS) teach your brain that food is in short supply.

Your brain is hardwired to protect you from starving, so when it thinks food is scarce it flips a switch which engages 'Storage Mode'. Once that switch is flipped your brain will store as much food as possible to get you through the approaching famine you have taught it to expect. More storage = more fat.

You lose weight initially because your brain takes some time to realise what is happening, but the weight loss slows down as your brain adjusts to the lower calorie intake and makes calls to protect you from starvation.

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