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How to make meatloaf healthier

8/24 10:00:43
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Cut meatloaf calories

Meatloaf is one of those family favourite comfort foods that's perfect for cold or lazy nights, and makes for some incredible leftovers.

But, if you're trying to shed extra weight, you may want to consider switching a few things from the traditional recipe to make it healthier.

One quick switch

Instead of using regular ground beef and plain breadcrumbs as your meatloaf base, switch to ground turkey, quick-cooking instant oats, and frozen chopped spinach.

This will save you at least 99 calories.

Other ways to make meatloaf healthier

Here are a few more ways to cut extra calories when making meatloaf:

  • Bulk up meatloaf with shredded zucchini and other similar veggies.
  • Go for whole-wheat breadcrumbs over the white variety.
  • Choose 90% lean ground beef instead of regular beef.

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