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Save calories with this simple technique

8/24 10:00:28
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It can be so easy for people to gain weight, especially if they are not aware of how many calories are contained in the food that they are eating.

Swab oily foods

You can save calories by using serviettes to blot or swab oily foods, such as deep fried potato chips, mushrooms or other foods. You may become shocked at just how much oil is absorbed into these foods during the cooking process and often you may even need more than one serviette!

Change cooking method

Where possible, try different cooking methods to prepare food. Grilling is an excellent alternative and uses a far lower quantity of oil as compared to deep frying, so you wouldn’t have to stress about increasing your calorie count excessively in just one meal.

Eating out?

Stay aware when eating out or getting takeaway. It is relatively easy to forget about how oily food can be when you are not preparing it yourself!

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