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Dieting? Here are the top 5 high-fat foods for WEIGHT LOSS

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Here are the top 5 high fat foods for WEIGHT LOSS (© Leonid & Anna Dedukh - Fotolia.com)
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This is in stark contrast to the nutritional beliefs adopted after WWII which suggested that 'fat makes you fat' and that the human diet should be largely based on carbohydrates.

While the evidence for a truly high-fat diet is still sketchy - the safest nutrition plan being a BALANCED one - there is definitely benefit to be found in eating certain high-fat foods.

Here are five of the best high-fat foods for WEIGHT LOSS:

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1. Salmon

...and other oily fish like sardines, mackerel and trout. These fish are high in nutritionally essential omega-3 fatty acids (crucial to almost every process in the body including brain function and heart health) and good quality protein.

Take an omega-3 supplement if you can't manage to eat fish at least twice per week, 3 - 5g per day is good for aiding weight loss and optimum health.

Click page 2 below to find out four other high fat foods for WEIGHT LOSS:

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