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Are nuts a great snack for weight loss?

8/24 10:00:20
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Nuts can be an absolutely amazing snack to consume when on a weight loss diet plan. They are a healthy and rich source of oils and vitamins and can be very satisfying to the appetite. They also help keep you full for longer, which is wonderful especially if you often get tempted to snack of unhealthy junk foods between meal times.

High in calories

Nuts are healthy but if consumed freely, they may help you pile on the calories and this may lead to weight gain in the long term. So what should you do – eat nuts as a snack or omit them completely from your diet?

The secret is moderation

The key to enjoying this snack without feeling guilty or worried about gaining weight is ‘moderation’. You can enjoy a mixed variety of nuts but be sure to limit just how much you consume.


Try packing a small handful of nuts in mini packets or plastic containers that help to keep its crunch and freshness. You can slip these into the handbag or lunch box and enjoy when you feel a need for a snack coming on.


A variety of nuts will provide you with various different minerals and nutrients so have fun trying out ones that you have not tried before. Just remember that portion-size - even of healthy foods. This is important if you want to lose weight!

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