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Are snack bars great for weight loss?

8/24 9:59:31
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Many people do. After all, they're individually packaged and convenient to carry around with you – in your handbag, lunch box, maybe even in your pocket or stocked up in your desk drawers when at work.

Read food labels

When buying snack bars, be sure to read the food labels very carefully. Read the section containing the number of calories, and always compare the calorie count with other snack bars on the market, before purchasing any. Often specific snack bars are intended for athletes who require vast amounts of energy – so stay aware of what you’re consuming.

Other ingredients

Look at the ingredient list of the snack bars as well and opt for those that are high in fibre and low in fats and sugar. Fibre helps us stay full for longer, whilst fats and sugar may increase your calorie count.

Size does count

Bear in mind the size and number of snack bars you are consuming. Remind yourself that you are having a snack and not a meal – so don’t go overboard, no matter how good the snack may taste!

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