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Quick WEIGHT-LOSS tips: Help! I need somebody

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Tip: Help! I need somebody

Trying to lose weight without telling anyone or having any support is a mission doomed to failure. You may start out all excited and committed to the plan, but at the first sign of temptation it becomes too easy to give in because you have no-one to hold you accountable for your actions. Let yourself give in one too many times and you're back at square one.

You NEED a strong support base

One of the most consistent factors amongst people who LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF is that they have a strong support base.

They tell their plan and goals to a few key people who they know will support and encourage them, and set a deadline for the 'project'. This way, there is external pressure to succeed, which is a great motivator. Resisting temptation is much easier when you know you have to weigh yourself and tell someone about your progress (or lack thereof) in a few days' time.

If your friends and family don’t support you, get a professional on board

One problem with this system is that many people have friends or family who, instead of being supportive, will discourage them by telling them they don't need to lose weight or that their dreams of a beautiful body are unrealistic.

In this case, a good nutrition coach is the perfect ingredient for success - this is a person who is an expert at nutrition for weight loss, and hopefully a great encourager and motivator.

The moral of the story? You need help if you want to lose weight. Get some now!

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