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Avoid frozen meals for weight loss

8/24 9:57:18
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We often opt to consume frozen dinners, especially on days when we are very busy and there isn’t sufficient time left in the day to prepare healthy and wholesome meals for ourselves as well as our family.

Pre-packed, frozen meals can be one of the unhealthiest foods to choose when it comes to losing weight, as they are usually loaded with fat, sugar and salt. Apart from those ingredients, the meals may be packed with other additives, preservatives, substitutes and flavourants. Furthermore, it is very difficult to know whether fresh ingredients were used to prepare the meal.

Calorie count

Frozen meals often have a very high calorie count due to the ingredients that are added to them during preparation, so be sure to check the food labels if you decide to purchase any.

Make your own meals and freeze them

It may be wise for you to pack leftover portions of meals that you have prepared at home yourself, and freeze them for another day. In this way you know exactly what ingredients were used in the food preparation process and how it was prepared. Best of all, you will get the nutrition you deserve and keep unnecessary weight gain at bay!

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