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Quick tips for WEIGHT LOSS: Tummy rumbles

8/24 9:56:39
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Tip: Rumble in the jungle

One of the reasons most of us eat as often as we do is that we rely on signals from our stomachs to tell us when we're hungry.

Think about it ... What do you do when your stomach starts to rumble? Probably say or think something like 'Ooh, it's almost time for lunch' right?

The problem is that those rumblings are very seldom hunger signals. More often than not, the sounds you hear are just your stomach reorganising things - it's the contraction of your stomach walls in the presence of liquid or gas.

These sounds are of no importance whatsoever in terms of hunger or medical health.

Track your calorie intake

If you want to take control of your calorie intake, the key is to plan what you will eat on a given day, and then stick to that as closely as possible.

Obviously the plan should include the appropriate quantity of food and the correct food types, but the important thing here is that you don't allow meaningless signals from your body to tell you when to eat.

Remember, you can go days without food without anything terrible happening to you so you can definitely make it through some stomach rumbling and get to dinner time without having a snack between meals.

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