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Crazy celeb diet “tricks”: The pickle scheme

8/24 9:56:25
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The pickle scheme

Kelly Osborne's tip for people on a low-carb eating plan such as the Banting plan is to eat lots of pickles.

She says that the thing she craves most about high carbohydrate foods is the often crunchy texture of things like toast, biscuits and potato chips. She eats pickles - gherkins and onions - to get that same crunchy texture without the carbs.

If texture is the reason you miss high carbohydrate foods, then munching a few pickles could help reduce cravings.

However, eating a whole jar of pickles every day may solve one problem but create a different one. Pickles are very high in sodium (salt), so one has to be careful with portion control here too.

So one or two pickles per day may be fine if it helps you ward off cravings for biscuits and toast, but I'd be careful about getting too gung-ho about this idea.

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