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Marinades can be high in calories

8/24 9:56:15
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Marinades can hold hundreds of calories, depending on the type and quantity of some of the ingredients that are used in them. For example, some marinades may be high in fats and oils which can increase our calorie count enormously. We may, however, not realise this, especially if used on healthy foods such as lean meat or skinless chicken before it is braaied or grilled.

Be wise and think carefully before purchasing just any marinade that your local supermarket has to offer. Read the food labels and check what ingredients it contains and how much of each, before purchasing.

Alternatively, look through recipe books or magazines for low calorie marinade recipes and try out one or two – improvise if you have to, but do what works for you. Maybe even make your own signature marinade and enjoy a slimmer you!

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