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How to load your salad to prevent weight gain

8/24 9:55:44
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Think wisely and carefully when purchasing or preparing a salad to either accompany a meal, or to have as a meal on its own.

Here is a great recipe for a healthy salad:

Chop lettuce and add about two to three cups of it to your salad bowl. Then add half a cup chopped cucumber (try not to peel it, as the peel adds additional fibre to your salad), half a cup red onion, some shredded carrot and a few slices of boiled beetroot. The quantities can be flexible so be creative and add more colourful vegetables if you prefer.

Next add some protein and other foods that offer healthy nutrients. You could perhaps add some grilled chicken which you can chop up into little blocks or pieces, a few teaspoons of cooked black beans, corn or even chickpeas. Do not overcook the legumes as this will spoil the crunch factor of your salad.

Season your salad but avoid adding too much salt. Experiment with other spices but beware what quantity you use as this will affect the taste and flavour of the salad.

Remember not to load your salad with high-fat salad dressings as this can add hundreds of calories to a healthy meal!

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