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The best diet for healthy WEIGHT LOSS? 5 Tips on eating island-style

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We are told that the Inuits can live on seal fat and the Masai can live on animal blood as proof that we should live free of starches and grains.

But what about the Incas who lived almost exclusively on maize? They were a pretty healthy bunch .... And the Japanese living on rice, the Irish on potatoes? There are many conflicts in the spin to get you to buy whatever diet book is being sold.

Now, I'm not trying to sell a book, but I do believe that there is a people-group who has it right from a dietary point-of-view ... islanders. Pretty much all of them.

They had to 'make-do' with whatever they could produce because there was limited opportunity to import foods. This led to a nutritious, balanced diet.

Here are the five most important components of the “island-style” natural diet:

1. They ate ONLY whole foods

When you live in limited space and are cut-off from your neighbouring countries you have to farm very effectively.

Island people ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and animal proteins (see #3 for details on which animal proteins). They had no space to grow massive fields of grains, or farm thousands of dairy cattle - factors which naturally eliminated these items from their diet.

The lesson: Eat only whole foods

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