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Crazy celeb diet “tricks”: The Bleak Diet

8/24 9:54:32
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The Bleak Diet

This diet was created by a celebrity - Mariah Carey lost 15kg in four months following her diet consisting of soups and fish prepared without salt, sugar or spices - sounds pretty 'bleak' right?

Now, although this would be pretty difficult to adhere to for four days - let-alone four months - it's not actually that bad for you provided a couple of things are accounted for.

The fish should be good-quality and plentiful. Vegetables should be unlimited. Spices should not be restricted - they're great for making food taste good without adding calories. You could also add a couple of low GI carbs like oats every now and then.

All in all not the craziest diet around, but you'd have to be pretty fanatical to stick with it for any length of time.

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