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The perfect weight-loss pantry: Say ‘No’ to sandwiches

8/24 9:54:18
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Stop the sandwiches!

OK, I'll cut to the chase here: One of the biggest reasons most people struggle with their weight is because of one thing - refined, processed wheat, and the fatty things we put on it.

It has become a huge staple in the diet of most South Africans and is NOT helping you to be healthy or fit or lean.

What is refined, processed wheat?

Mostly white BREAD, PASTA, PIZZA and BAKED GOODS. These are all foods you simply DO NOT need to eat.

They and their toppings supply huge amounts of energy, but because they are so refined they contain little fibre, and even your 'wholewheat' bread can contain lots of sugar. As if that wasn't all bad enough, most of our bodies lack the ability to digest wheat properly, leaving us feeling bloated, achy and sick.

So, how do I take wheat out of my diet?

Well, step one is to stop the sandwiches. Substitute bread for rice cakes and make your sandwiches with those instead. They are much lower in calories and made from rice.

Rice is a much healthier option than bread, as it is almost the only product that is actually helped by being refined (the processing strips the rice of all the chemicals sprayed onto it during the growing process - called anti-nutrients).

Once you’ve managed this, start to eliminate other wheat products from your diet. The difference in your life will be dramatic!

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